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Finding the right agent is KEY to selling or buying your new home - we have over 25 years experience to bring to the table!  

So why should you choose us?  Our expertise in the industry is what really sets us apart from other Realtors!  How many other agents do you know who has an extensive background in construction and remodeling?  Not too many....   

It's not every day that you can find a Realtor that has the knowledge and skill set to not only help you sell or buy a new home - but has the expertise to tell if a home has been well built, has a watchful eye for good or poor construction, and one that can help you avoid major pitfalls that can sometimes occur in a transaction due to our knowledge in the building and remodeling industry.  You really are getting the biggest bang for your buck with our team!  You get a Remodeler/builder and a professional team of Realtors when you choose to hire us - two for one!    


Us getting paid is a bonus --- YOU being happy is our priority!  That is another big reason our team stands out from the rest of the competition out there.  We want to make sure the home you are getting is the home of your dreams.  We will move as quickly or as slow as you tell us to. We listen to our buyers and sellers and we take our time making sure we find them the home that best fits their needs.  If that means we have to dig our heels in and search a little longer to find that diamond in the rough.....our team is dedicated to making sure your goals are met.  In the end, it makes for a smoother closing, a better transaction and continual referrals for us in the future.  Everyone wins.